Auto Type Text

[thb_autotype typed_text=”

*Text; Headings;*

” loop=”1″]

Want to have a list, but no space for it? Auto Type element is the way to go.

Do not loop

[thb_autotype typed_text=”

*Peak Shops;Made For You*

” typed_speed=”150″ thb_animated_color=”#beaa82″]

Adjust the speed

[thb_autotype typed_text=”

*Peak Shops;Fastest Woocommerce Theme*

” loop=”1″ typed_speed=”20″ thb_animated_color=”#beaa82″]

Disable the cursor

[thb_autotype typed_text=”

*Peak Shops;Developed by Fuel Themes*

” cursor=”” loop=”1″ thb_animated_color=”#beaa82″]

Change the color

[thb_autotype typed_text=”

*Your Store;Built To Impress*

” loop=”1″ typed_speed=”10″ thb_animated_color=”rgba(2,0,132,0.75)”]